We are dedicated to providing individuals and other types of clients with a wide array of investment advisory services. Our firm is a sole proprietorship formed in the State of California. Our firm has been in business as an investment adviser since 1998 and is owned by Joseph Lambert.

Description of the Types of Advisory Services We Offer

Asset Management:

We emphasize continuous and regular account supervision. As part of our asset management service, we generally create a portfolio, consisting of individual stocks or bonds, exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), options, mutual funds and other public and private securities or investments. The client’s individual investment strategy is tailored to their specific needs and may include some or all of the previously mentioned securities. Each portfolio will be initially designed to meet a particular investment goal, which we determine to be suitable to the client’s circumstances.

Tailoring of Advisory Services:

We offer individualized investment advice to clients utilizing our Asset Management service. Each client has the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the types of investments to be held in the portfolio. Restrictions on investments in certain securities or types of securities may not be possible due to the level of difficulty this would entail in managing the account. Restrictions would be limited to our Asset Management service.